Reviewer Portfolio Feedback

Reviewer Portfolio Feedback on the work #stayathome (photography prize HOME’21)

As expected, in this particular competition most of the photographic work we receive has to do with the last year that the pandemic changed our lives and the home was transformed into the place where we now spend almost all hours of the day. It became the ultimate refuge against an invisible enemy.

To be honest, your photographic work is the most different I have seen so far. You use a very old technique and create an interesting and original image series that perfectly fits the situation we live in. The Camera Obscura works like a magic instrument that brings the outside world into the house using only light. The house is transformed into a strange and surreal place, something that enhanced by the inverted rendering of the outside world on the walls. What I am always looking to see in a submission is an idea and a clear expression of that idea and in these photos, I see that.

Coherence is the most important feature to be able to connect different images in a series. Here it is very strong both thematically and aesthetically. You offer visual harmony to the viewer. 

Visual diversity in a series of images also plays a very important role. Each image should offer something fresh and important for the overall content. You have also done a very good job in that.

Technically there is nothing important to suggest. The composition is great and the light is effective and the same in all the pictures.

The project statement is the second most important part of a submission. Here I see a well-developed statement about your idea and your intentions. This thing brings more depth to the understanding of your work.

Dear Karen, obviously you are a good photographer with a work that is able to help you stand out. Keep up the good work and I’ll be glad to see more of your pictures in the future.

Best Regards

31 March 2021

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