Nowadays in times of Corona, the words positive negative take on another dimension and meaning.
It’s actually positive to be negative.

text by Prof. Dr. Gottfried Jäger:

Unique silver gelatine print, direct positive paper, 20cm x 25cm.

During the second lockdown in Berlin in January 2021 during the pandemic, I found myself in my darkroom again.
I am working with analog photography for many years now, essentially using pinhole cameras to create conceptual and experimental works and series.

Thinking about photograms was the original plan, but I then developed the idea to make prints with the use of the common FFP2 and surgical face masks we are all wearing at the moment.
I am using the different layers as negatives in my enlarger, working with both, photo paper and direct photo paper.
The unique results appear like microscopic templates showing traces of the breath.

Unique silver gelatine print, 24cm x30 cm.