This March/April, during the lockdown in Berlin due to the Corona crisis, Karen transformed every single room in her apartment into a camera obscura. She has been working with this phenomenon since 1994, converted a horse caravan and other rooms as part of her workshops into Camera obscurae. It was obvious to use this technique during the lockdown. The world outside is upside down, our own four walls are the constant.

All of the rooms in her apartment on Karl Marx Allee, Berlin, became a camera obscura. Everything in the apartment was packaged white. it’s not just about the visual aspect to emphasize the projection of the outside space, or even to hide individual items, but to highlight them: teddies in the bedroom were wrapped with toilet paper, glasses in the kitchen were filled with flour, etc. In self-isolation, she sits in this familiar apartment, looking at the world outside. Through the unusual and yet well-known way of looking at the room and world around her, the environment becomes rediscovered and reconsidered.